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"Benzin.bg" is a fleet card management company owned by Motobul Ltd and part of Asterion Bulgaria. We are providing cards for refueling in various petrol station networks, using best - market practices and selecting the best partners to deliver high quality service to our customers.As the largest success is considered the best national coverage in the sectorBenzin.bg is the only card operator that works with all petrol station of leading companies in the fuel market: EKO, Petrol and KRUIZ through the integrated Benzin.bg card ! We also offer a separate card for the Lukoil network. 

Card Advantages


Our system is designed so that every client is able to track every transaction made by cards and in case of irregularity, it can immediately make the necessary changes.


Working with market leaders and constantly updating transactions, allows for a high level of transparency and a low risk of abuse.


You get the opportunity to refuel at preferential prices from our partners and to choose the most convenient sites for you along your routes. A combination that saves time and effort.


As one of the market leaders, Motobul has managed to establish  stable trading relationship with the partners enabling the creation of top quality services. Creating mutual trust is impossible without key factors such as high-quality goods and services.

Filling station network

You can take advantage of the services we provide, at all Petrol, Lukoil, EKO and KRUIZ filling stations, giving you 95% coverage in the country. 

About Benzin.bg

Motobul Ltd was established 20 years ago in order to meet the demand for high quality lubricants made by Castrol and Orlen in Bulgaria.

The need for diversification gave way to the decision to create a fleet card management department. This department became the first independent entity of its kind in the country.

Motobul Ltd. offers a fuel card that provides additional discounts and postponed or prepayment while giviing opportunity to its customer to enjoy charging quality fuel.

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